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Photos from the babymoon

Something in me cringes a little when I use the word, “babymoon.” Not because I dread the arrival of our boy (June 19th), but because the word itself sounds so faddish. Anyway, we took a quick trip to Sedona for … Continue reading

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Big company policies

This is ridiculous. My friend Trey works at a big company in Portland, OR. Move or Quit: “I’ve been working from home for nearly 7 years now. In 2000 I asked my boss if I could work part-time from Corvallis … Continue reading

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Web site updates from subversion

It’s not rocket science, but it surprised me just how painlessly I could set up automatic web site updates from my subversion repository. It’s all documented out there on the net, but this is my chance to record how I … Continue reading

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