Pointer icon usability

Where do you think the hotspot for this mouse pointer icon is?


Is it under one of the points, or maybe in the center of the icon? Nope, it’s in the top left corner. Let me repeat that. The hotspot is the transparent top left corner of the imaginary box that surrounds the pointer icon. It’s a usability nightmare because you have to estimate where you’re going to click.

If you don’t recognize this pointer icon, then consider yourself lucky. I see it a couple times a day. Randomly. When my Windows machine decides that the icon needs to be switched. For no reason that I’ve been able to determine. The mouse can be completely still and something will trigger the icon to change. I don’t even know what this icon is supposed to indicate.

I keep the mouse control panel open so I can select a cursor theme, which restores the correct cursor.

Deactivating the nvidia drivers made this problem go away. But not having the nvidia drivers means that I have to restart every time I undock my computer because the screen setup changes and Windows doesn’t detect it. I’m still deciding whether I want to live with a simple annoyance a couple times a day, or a big pain maybe once a week.

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